Our Team

Fabio De Marco

Postdoctoral researcher / Assegnista di ricerca

Fabio studied Physics and Biophysics at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) from 2009 until 2015. He wrote his Master thesis at the Biomedical Imaging Physics group of Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer on algorithmic optimizations for a grating-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging setup for microCT applications.
He remained in the group for his Ph.D. thesis, where he co-developed a grating-based X-ray imaging setup optimized for imaging the lungs of large animals with the dark-field modality. This setup was used to produce the world-first in-vivo dark-field radiographs of a pig thorax, and thus demonstrated the viability of dark-field radiography as a clinical imaging tool.

Fabio joined the S-BaXIT project in February 2021. His main interest is in the development and improvement of image retrieval algorithms for X-ray phase contrast, in particular for speckle-based phase contrast and near-field ptychography.