Scattering-based X-ray Imaging and Tomography

H2020 ERC Consolidator Grant project

by the Optimal Imaging and Tomography Group (lead: P. Thibault)

X-ray vision for science

The aim of the Optimal Imaging and Tomography Group (OptImaTo) is to push the limits of X-ray imaging techniques towards ever higher resolution and higher contrast sensitivity. In particular, we look at means of using coherence and the related interference and diffraction phenomena as tools to efficiently encode nanometer-scale information from samples of interest. Decoding this information requires sophisticated algorithmic techniques, which are a specialty of our group.

The two main techniques applied and investigated in our group are X-ray ptychography and speckle-based X-ray imaging.

Study of X-ray propagation effects on a fossilized dinosaur tooth
Study of X-ray propagation effects on a fossilized dinosaur tooth

Research partners

The S-BaXIT project is done in collaboration with Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, the only synchrotron radiation facility in Italy. Elettra hosts the OptImaTo group and its laboratory.

F. De Marco, S. Savatović, R. Smith, V. Di Trapani, M. Margini, G. Lautizi and P. Thibault, High-speed processing of X-ray wavefront marking data with the Unified Modulated Pattern Analysis (UMPA) model, Optics Express (2023)


V. Di Trapani, L. Brombal, F. De Marco, D. Dreossi and P. Thibault, Unified Modulation Pattern Analysis (UMPA) algorithm for 1D sensitive X-ray phase contrast imaging techniques, Journal of Instrumentation (2023)

Meet the team

The S-BaXIT project is carried out by Prof. Thibault’s group, OptImaTo, devoted to the development and application of novel X-ray imaging methods. Have a look at our profiles!

X-ray imaging and tomography

We are always ready to take on new challenges, with new collaborators and ideas of systems and samples to image. We are also looking for industrial partners.